Making A Wooden Ring

This is how I make one of my wooden rings. This particular ring was made from ebony and is for sale along with many other wood rings in my etsy shop

I developed this method of making rings over time to both fit the constraints of my studio and budget. I started making wooden rings as a way to keep myself creating on a daily basis and a wooden ring is something that I could easily make at least one of each day. It was a practice in perfecting a task, not in speed or in quantity, but perfecting the creation of an object with my hands. It is by no means the fastest method for making a wooden ring. I find the use of hand tools both therapeutic and that it also gives me the best end results for my rings. I spent about a year developing my ring making method with lots of trial and error. I tried using hole saws and drill bits to bore out the inside diameter of my rings. This method was a lot faster but I often found that the heat and vibration caused by the drilling resulted in a weaker ring in the end. I don’t intend for this video to be a tutorial or a description for the best way to make a wooden ring, it’s just what I’ve found to be the most satisfying way of making a wood ring for myself.

Average time for making a wood ring is 20-30 minutes

Tools Used:
Jewelers saw with 12.5TPI scroll saw blades
Hand Drill
Bench Pin
Round Rasp
Ring Mandrel
220 grit sand paper
Various Norton sanding sponges
Dremel with sanding drum
Hand made Tung Oil and wax to finish

Making A Wooden Ring